Recreational Shopping

Are you a recreational shopper? I find that many of my clients are recreational shoppers; that is, they shop for entertainment and not out of necessity. Now don’t get me wrong – I like to roam through the malls and check out the latest clothes and gadgets, but I don’t bring much of it home….

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Mumbai Shopping Malls

Mumbai is every shoppers paradise; you can find everything you desire to shop for in Mumbai. When you plan to go for shopping you will have no idea about how soon the time flies. And Mumbai being the fashion capital you will definitely find great malls. The mall in Mumbai provides a perfect package of…

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Shopping Advice for Strollers

Shopping for Strollers: Ratings and Review by Robert Meyer, Ph.D. Have you ever made a purchase and the later experienced cognitive dissonance or buyer’s remorse? That is, you regret making the purchase for a variety of reasons. One of the most common reasons for cognitive dissonance is that you discover you could have purchased a…

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